Sunday, July 15, 2007

His Condition Seems Worse Than We Thought

From a WaPo review of a new book about Dick Cheney by Stephen F. Hayes:

Hayes also interviewed Bush, who offers little insight but provides a stream of typically fractured syntax. Here is the president on his differences with Cheney -- whose daughter Mary is a lesbian -- over the subject of gay marriage: "My only ask was that if his daughter doubted my tolerance to her orientation that I would hope that he would help make it clear to Mary that this is a -- I was just worried about -- the reason I'd federalized the issue is because I was worried about the courts' defining the issue and that we'd end up with de facto marriage that was not traditionally defined, I guess is the best way to put it."

Hayes, of the Weekly Standard, seems to have been so intent to demonstrate access to the president that he neglected to do the merciful (and professional) thing which would have been to paraphrase the poor man's quote, or to edit it out altogether.

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