Monday, May 28, 2007

Palast Has Some Of The 'Missing' Rove E-Mails

Investigative reporter Greg Palast ... has 500 e-mails the House sought in its probe of the firings but that Rove said were deleted and lost forever.

How did he get them? Rove's "operatives" accidentally sent them to the spoof Web site back in 2004.

What does Palast say they reveal? A "scheme to steal" the 2008 election through "caging," an illegal form of voter suppression.

Palast writes that in her opening testimony Wednesday regarding the U.S. attorney firings, former Justice Department official Monica Goodling confirmed that "caging" had occurred in 2004, but that House members did not pick up on the disclosure or question her about the claim.

The blog 10 Zen Monkeys followed up with an interview with Palast.

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