Saturday, March 17, 2007

Suit Filed Over Ejection From Bush Event

Two of the "Denver Three" -- three people who were ejected from a March 2005 taxpayer-financed Bush Social Security event in Denver for having a suspicious bumper sticker on their vehicle -- are taking their case to court (again).

Two people who were removed from a presidential event in 2005 filed a lawsuit on Thursday against three White House staff members on the grounds that their rights to free speech had been violated.

The two, Leslie Weise and Alex Young, were ejected from a speech given in Denver by President Bush because they arrived in a car with an antiwar bumper sticker, despite having done nothing disruptive, according to the A.C.L.U. of Colorado, which is representing them. The lawsuit names Steven A. Atkiss, James A. O'Keefe and Greg Jenkins, all of whom worked for the Office of Presidential Advance at the time, as being responsible for the removal. Ms. Weise and Mr. Young filed an initial lawsuit in 2005 against two other individuals working at the speech.

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