Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Plamegate Plot Thickens

So, the office of the president -- not just Cheney's office -- was involved in the outing of Mrs. Wilson.

Fleischer received immunity in exchange for his truthful testimony. I wonder how he is feeling today.

A surprise revelation came when Mr. Pincus, who writes about national security and intelligence, disclosed that he was first told on July 12, 2003, about Ms. Wilson by Ari Fleischer, then the White House spokesman, and not Mr. Libby. Mr. Fleischer testified late last month that he learned about Ms. Wilson from Mr. Libby, who passed on the information about her at a lunch on July 7, 2003, in the White House mess.

The problem is that Fleischer testified two weeks ago that he had spoken of the CIA officer's identity to two reporters -- John Dickerson, then of Time magazine, and David Gregory of NBC News -- but didn't mention Pincus.

It would probably be a fruitful line of inquiry if prosecutor Fitzgerald looked into the inconsistency in the former spokesman's account.

Who knows where that might lead. Especially if Fitzgerald now has Fleischer in the barrel.

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