Wednesday, February 21, 2007

House Republicans Loyalty To Bush May Come Back To Bite in 2008

Three months ago, the unpopularity of President Bush and the Iraq war led many House Republicans to the closest reelection bids of their careers. Now, most of those with freshly painted targets on their backs have given Democrats an early vote to tie them to Bush and the war.

While Senate Republican defections on the non-binding anti-troop increase resolution last week tilted heavily toward those with tough reelection bids in 2008, the few House GOP crossovers came overwhelmingly from safe incumbents. Nearly all of those who narrowly survived in 2006 voted with Bush, possibly providing future opponents with campaign fodder.

Although many of these vulnerable Republicans expressed skepticism or opposition to the troop increase, they toed the party line and opposed the resolution, apparently in hopes that Democrats will overreach in future showdowns over Iraq, such as de-funding the war effort.

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