Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Early 2008 Senate Race Picture

Rumor has it that some of the electronic voting systems used in the 2006 midterms were tweaked -- but not robustly enough to prevent the Democrats from capturing the House and Senate.

It is early still, but it looks like any skullduggerous practitioners of vote fraud will have their work cut out for them next time.

Sen. Wayne Allard (R-Colo.) will not seek a third term in the Senate, a decision that creates a ripe pickup opportunity for Democrats in the 2008 election. ...

Allard is the first senator to announce he will not seek reelection next year, when Republicans must defend 21 seats and Democrats only 12.

Other Republicans mentioned as possible retirees in 2008 include Thad Cochran (Miss.), Chuck Hagel (Neb.), Pete V. Domenici (N.M.) and John W. Warner (Va.). Tim Johnson (S.D.) and John F. Kerry (Mass.) are considered the most likely Democrats to retire.

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